With the rough cut of Death Grip done, I decided I'd do my editing fixes while replacing all the audio with the external sound. I'm guessing this will take me about two weeks, which puts it just in time for the holidays, and soon after that we'll (hopefully) have copies in the hands of various [...]

I've laid all the bricks for Death Grip, and I did a one-man preview. I'm happy as hell with it, and I've got eight hundred notes, none of which even touch sound. But I wanna sync audio already because a rough cut still needs to be heard. I downloaded Plural Eyes, which allows you to [...]

Editing often equals grief. So it's fair to use the same five stages. Stage 1 - Footage Review (Denial) After a review of the footage, you realize the edit is not going to be the cakewalk you thought it would be. You blame your actors, DP, wardrobe and prop department, and your previous self for [...]