Yesterday I shot the first fight scene I've done since finishing Death Grip. It's a videogame parody where I play a Karate man taking on two other players played by fellow Stunt People and Death Grip actors Shaun Finney and Yun Lujhei Yang. Stunt practices have paid off: I could still kick and punch pretty quick, [...]

Someone asked me what I look for in a stunt people when casting for our films. I gave him more than an ear-full, which may have been unwarranted but made me realize it could make an interesting post, because the answers weren't as broad as some would think. Not Telegraphing If I'm doing a kick [...]

Jackie Chan on location in Paris, France Jackie Chan was recently featured in an interview while launching his Maotai Wine, and revealed that shooting of Chinese Zodiac - described as his last action-packed film - is about to wrap while a scene involving lots of stunts is to be initiated which will take an amount of [...]

Donnie and his stunt team preparing fight choreography Donnie Yen and his stunt team are currently prepping the fight choreography for the upcoming action thriller Special Identity seen on the image. The best thing about it is that Donnie's good old friend and once on-screen rival John Salvitti - who you might remember from In [...]

Recently I posted about story structure. Typically, the entire story has 40 or so scenes, each one with a beginning and end. What to do with the stuff in between? That's where more structure comes in, and you can literally use the same structure to figure out the beats of a scene. This way, there's [...]

Bob Anderson brought us much of American swordplay cinema. His credits include Highlander, The Princess Bride, Three Musketeers, Pirates, and more. He also doubled David Prowse as Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Ever since the emergence of Errol Flynn, Hollywood has respected the blade. Swordfights are shot wider [...]