You’ve probably seen Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx, but have you seen this version? This one’s uncut, with original Cantonese audio, and subtitled. It’s the version you’ve never seen and might never see. Highly recommended, as the fight sounds and voices are much different, and all the stuff that New Line cut out is left in tact.

Japanese outtakes from the Lucky Stars films, lots of great moments with Jackie, Yuen Biao and Sammo.

Jackie demonstrates some stone-breaking skills

Action-packed Jackie Chan commercials. First one’s on par with his film work

These are just awesome. If you’re a filmmaker on a budget but want to achieve some slick camera angles, check out these kickstarter projects, which are looking for funds to complete their projects, and will reward donors with the equipment after the projects are complete. – A steal. I had no idea how valuable a jib would be until we shot Death Grip, and we ended up using it for almost everything. Think of it like a tripod that’s more flexible, with the option of moving it while rolling camera. – Cool for events and sports. I could imagine an Eric the Redneck Guide to Sports episode. – Critically needed, as many filmmakers who rely on the focus rings on their DSLR cameras tend shift focus, move past the focal point, and then dial back. Better focus is a better viewing experience, that is, if you want people to follow what you’re shooting.

There are more, too. If you find more, put em in the comments. I’m half-tempted to buy into all these myself! Maybe once I’m out of credit card debt.

Watch Lea Seydoux’s back fist magically turn into a hook punch at 0:31.

Maybe they chose to promote this fight because it’s two good looking women trading fists. Guys like that, but we also like stuff we can see, and we want time to focus on what the hell they’re doing. That’s why we liked the Total Recall cat fight. It’s slower, but damn, that’s hot.

Edit: I have to give mention to Joyce Godenzi and Aurelio for the ultimate Hong Kong-style cat fight. Godenzi fights like a freaking man. It’s awesome.

I’ll try to make these consistent, weekly updates. There’s an enormous amount of good indie action content out there, especially featured at The Stunt People Forum. Enjoy the latest sampling.

Lazy Brown Productions – Round One – Shawn and Manny, with some quick knife fighting.

Jabronie Pictures – Battle Hero Absolute – Jay Huerto dons the superhero garb and fights crime, sentai-style.

Mark Cheng – GI Joe Operation Red Retrieval – Homage to the GI Joe series, with tons of gunplay for GI Joe enthusiasts, as well as some special appearances.

Thousand Pounds Stunt Team – Arkham City Inspired Test – Badass fight with Mickey Facchinello