Surgery Time

I’ve laid all the bricks for Death Grip, and I did a one-man preview. I’m happy as hell with it, and I’ve got eight hundred notes, none of which even touch sound. But I wanna sync audio already because a rough cut still needs to be heard. I downloaded Plural Eyes, which allows you to sync your camera audio with external audio. If anyone has used this program for a feature film, I’d love to hear from you. Because it looks like I did things in reverse order. I may have to sync all my sound manually now.

Which doesn’t exactly bother me. I’m a neat freak, and I worry what a robotic monstrosity will do to my 1500-shot sequence when it tries to lay a bunch of sync sound on it. It’d be like going into a Supercuts that doesn’t speak English. I’d rather spend some extra time on this beast and re-tune my edit as I go, and I’ll be tweaking sound so much that I doubt the time differential would have been that great had I used PE.

Still, I wish someone could do me the favor of renaming all my sync audio. Any takers?