Death Grip Sound Editing

With the rough cut of Death Grip done, I decided I’d do my editing fixes while replacing all the audio with the external sound. I’m guessing this will take me about two weeks, which puts it just in time for the holidays, and soon after that we’ll (hopefully) have copies in the hands of various interested sales agents. We’re trying to get a contract with one of these groups well before the Berlin market, which is February 9th, since Berlin will be the next market where we could seriously promote the film. So the next few weeks are going to be very, very crunched for me, and I’m looking forward to every minute.

An issue I’m having is finding a decent Blu Ray burner for my iMac. Not one I’ve come across in stores is compatible. I’ll have to go to Amazon. You disappoint me, Retail. In the meantime all I can do is burn DVDs, which make an otherwise fabulous looking film look like something from my parents’ VHS collection.