Earlier this month I went to North Carolina to film for Mario Warfare, which is directed by Micah Moore, the man behind Dogs of Chinatown and Beat Down Boogie. His main man of action Matt Sumner is in the role of Mario from Super Mario Brothers, and Micah has turned the narrative into a brothers-in-arms spoof, where Mario and Luigi are still plumbers, but they happen to pack a lot of heat wherever they go. Lots of good mash-ups await people who subscribe and keep up on the Mario Warfare, and yours truly took on the role of “Waluigi”, an evil version of the Luigi character, who goes toe to toe with Mario in a pipe-laden industrial complex.

Check out the video below to see a segment of the fight between Mario and Waluigi.




Day 3 – Sunday – November 15, 2008
The final day of the shoot. We took Manny and Shawn to the airport in Raleigh, then Blake, Micah and I went to a little diner called “Waffle House.” Not bad, but super cheap. I love these places. People yelling right in front of you, folks smoking 3 feet away, food that has some flaws in it but tastes great, and servers who love eating the food there too. The polar opposite of safe places like IHOP.

We went and met with Brian, then headed out to the college in Raleigh to shoot the Parkour stuff. I hadn’t done this kind of action in YEARS. It was how SP started actually, doing Parkour, except it wasn’t called Parkour. It probably didn’t have much of a name back in 2000. Now I’ve come full circle, and I’m doing it once again, except this time for a feature film. My legs can handle the impact just as well as they could in 2000, maybe even better since I have a regular workout routine I stick to, but my shoe soles were so thin that the first front tuck I did off a ledge, I landed on my heel and bruised it instantly. We kept going anyway, and I did a few wall flips (which I’ve been practicing for!) and a couple Parkour gags.

Micah and Blake took me to the airport after that, my heel bruised like an old banana, but I was so confident of myself after the day because most of this Parkour stuff was stuff I had never done before, not outside in the real world. Just in soft gyms. We threw around the idea of me learning how to do tricks with a skateboard, and between now and shooting the actually feature, I’ll be working to learn more cool crap.

Thanks to Micah, Blake, Andy, Manny, Shawn, Angela, Brian, Matt Sumner, and everybody else for an amazing weekend. Photos coming soon.