Zumbi of Zion I stars alongside Theresa Wondra in Pete Lee’s latest film, “This Close or This Far.” The film also features acting performances by Stunt People members Eric Jacobus, Stacie Rashel, Ed Kahana (who also produces), Brandon Daranouvongs, Shaun Finney, and newcomer Erika Balasabas.

“This Close or This Far” was shot on the Sony PMW-EX1 HD Camcorder. No release date is set yet for the final release, but feast your eyes on some screen caps in the meantime.

Micah Moore (“Dogs of Chinatown”) has finished the teaser for the hip-hop chase and fight caper “Beat Down Boogie.” “Beat Down Boogie” features “Lawrence Young (Law)” from “Contour” played by Eric Jacobus, as well as appearances by Emmanuel Manzanares and Shawn Bernal of Lazy Brown Productions, and Matt Sumner and Brian Lee from “Dogs of Chinatown.” Enjoy the teaser in multiple formats below (HD available).

Beat Down Boogie Practice Tape from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

Youtube Stream (with HD version)


Day 3 – Sunday – November 15, 2008
The final day of the shoot. We took Manny and Shawn to the airport in Raleigh, then Blake, Micah and I went to a little diner called “Waffle House.” Not bad, but super cheap. I love these places. People yelling right in front of you, folks smoking 3 feet away, food that has some flaws in it but tastes great, and servers who love eating the food there too. The polar opposite of safe places like IHOP.

We went and met with Brian, then headed out to the college in Raleigh to shoot the Parkour stuff. I hadn’t done this kind of action in YEARS. It was how SP started actually, doing Parkour, except it wasn’t called Parkour. It probably didn’t have much of a name back in 2000. Now I’ve come full circle, and I’m doing it once again, except this time for a feature film. My legs can handle the impact just as well as they could in 2000, maybe even better since I have a regular workout routine I stick to, but my shoe soles were so thin that the first front tuck I did off a ledge, I landed on my heel and bruised it instantly. We kept going anyway, and I did a few wall flips (which I’ve been practicing for!) and a couple Parkour gags.

Micah and Blake took me to the airport after that, my heel bruised like an old banana, but I was so confident of myself after the day because most of this Parkour stuff was stuff I had never done before, not outside in the real world. Just in soft gyms. We threw around the idea of me learning how to do tricks with a skateboard, and between now and shooting the actually feature, I’ll be working to learn more cool crap.

Thanks to Micah, Blake, Andy, Manny, Shawn, Angela, Brian, Matt Sumner, and everybody else for an amazing weekend. Photos coming soon.

Day 2 – Saturday – November 15, 2008
I started the day off by being dropped off at Micah’s place before any of them woke up. Showered, ate, and a bunch of folks arrived to shoot the big scenes for the day. We packed up and went over to a legal office building where Matt Sumner (from the restaurant fight in “Dogs of Chinatown”) and I had a comedic fight scene involving some decent stunts and a lot of powder… or ‘joint compound’ as the bucket described.

Manny and Shawn had their scenes with the girls and a few of the guys, including Brian Lee (Wei from “Dogs”), and they did some brutal Korean-style fighting upstairs.

End of the day, we all went to Andrew’s art studio and did a little more chaos fighting followed by some acting. Everyone went to Micah’s afterward and ate, and we called it a day.

Day 0 – Thursday – November 13, 2008
Micah Moore and Blake Faucette (“Dogs of Chinatown”) flew myself and Emmanuel Manzanares and Shawn Bernal of Lazy Brown Productions out to North Carolina to shoot a teaser for their upcoming feature, “Beat Down Boogie.” We’re going to put our parkour / tricking / fighting skills to the test for Moore and crew with the hopes that All Aces can take this teaser to investors and raise some cash to make a funky hiphop-style heist/chase action film.

Day 1 – Friday – November 14, 2008
We started Day 1 by getting some breakfast at a swank cafe near Raleigh where the prices ended up underselling the decor. Upon entry Micah muttered, “Oh no, what’s this place gonna cost?” But it was so early that this was the only place open, and we weren’t willing to trek to the next town to find a more dingy place. And it was cheap. We ate some big breakfasts, talked shop, and went outside hoping to shoot in the foyer, but seeing that the management was out of office we had to ditch the idea.

At Micah’s place in Greensboro, Shawn passed out from a cold, and Manny and I played some Megaman 9 waiting to go to Green St. At the Green St. club, we did some acrobatic fighting near a stage, and upstairs we did a tiny bit of indoor parkour, followed by good ol’ fightin. Manny and I had never fought together, but nobody would’ve guessed it.

Dinner downtown after Shawn woke up, rested and less sickly. At the Green Borough we ate, and we went to the back of the restaurant to shoot a 2 on 1 between the LBP guys and myself. A few acrobatic kicks, group fighting, and a painful backfall was all we needed to call it a night.

Off to a storage facility to do some green screen shooting for titles and promo stuff. I was allowed to ditch the group to go meet up with someone while they finished up their shooting, and that was that!

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