The Stunt People held another gymnastics practice where we played some games. One is "Platformer," a Mario Bros.-tyle game where we hop along on pads, platforming style. The other is "Paddy Kong," where we roll pads down a ramp and the hero[ine] tries to run up and get to the end before being knocked off. [...]

Micah Moore ("Dogs of Chinatown") has finished the teaser for the hip-hop chase and fight caper "Beat Down Boogie." "Beat Down Boogie" features "Lawrence Young (Law)" from "Contour" played by Eric Jacobus, as well as appearances by Emmanuel Manzanares and Shawn Bernal of Lazy Brown Productions, and Matt Sumner and Brian Lee from "Dogs of [...]

At a recent gym practice, we discovered the healing power of pads. After spending three hours competing to see who could wreck the biggest castle, dive through the smallest hole without disturbing a precarious stack of pads, and traverse the most column pads without falling on his face, we had enough footage to make a [...]