I've launched a new website for the Action Kickback movement to bring attention to the independent action teams that have sprung up over the past decade. They are, in my opinion, giving high-budget studio action films a run for their money. But as independent action filmmakers, we’re up against huge odds. Hollywood spends millions of [...]

The Stunt People Wiki is back online in full force, ready for you to add your stunt crew, films, and any information applicable to the premiere indie-action wiki. Concerns about spam have been addressed, as we have implemented a new Captcha system as well as email confirmation (details below), and there's now a detailed help [...]

The Stunt People welcome five new and not-so-new members: Amberly Steffensen (previously Amberly Bell, now married to Chelsea), who's been with us since 2003. We finally offered her a place on our bios page, jumped her, and now she's official. Amberly's been a vital part of every project that's taken place in Redding. Dave Yoo [...]

The Stunt People welcome Jose Montesinos as an associate to the bios page. Jose's been working with members of SP for years on films such as The Deadly Finger, The Deadly Finger Returns, and The Winds of Time, so it was high time we paid him the proper tribute.