Action Kickback logoI’ve launched a new website for the Action Kickback movement to bring attention to the independent action teams that have sprung up over the past decade. They are, in my opinion, giving high-budget studio action films a run for their money. But as independent action filmmakers, we’re up against huge odds. Hollywood spends millions of dollars for every dollar we spend on our budgets, so we have to innovate to stay in the game.

Hence the Action Kickback model. The Action Kickback model allows independent action filmmakers to work around the top-heavy studio system and develop competitive action titles that can hold their own in the marketplace. The key components of the model are:

  • Story – The story engages the audience and is the nucleus of the film. Action scenes without story are inconsequential.
  • Action – While the action must serve the story, it ultimately represents the action film. Vertical integration through a single production unit can align the action with the story, which is easier on a smaller, independent scale.
  • Business – Making a film these days can cost peanuts, but a marketable action film is the most expensive type of film one can produce. A solid business plan is a must.
  • Demand – Action films are in demand worldwide. If you have a good action film, you have a market.

I’ll keep updating the site with resources. Subscribe, comment, etc 🙂

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The Stunt People Wiki is back online in full force, ready for you to add your stunt crew, films, and any information applicable to the premiere indie-action wiki. Concerns about spam have been addressed, as we have implemented a new Captcha system as well as email confirmation (details below), and there’s now a detailed help section.

Users who already have usernames registered can re-register their email by logging in and going to “my preferences” and “confirm email address”.

The SP Wiki was resurrected thanks to Dario Susman, without whom Eric would still be scratching his head at the old Wiki wondering how to access the admin panel. Thanks Dario!

The Stunt People welcome five new and not-so-new members:

Amberly Steffensen (previously Amberly Bell, now married to Chelsea), who’s been with us since 2003. We finally offered her a place on our bios page, jumped her, and now she’s official. Amberly’s been a vital part of every project that’s taken place in Redding.

Dave Yoo and Erika Balasabas, wushu extraordinaires who’ve been working with SP for over a year now. Not only do they offer exceptional martial arts but they both have awesome hair.

Jeremiah Esses, Kung Fu San Soo teacher who worked with Chelsea on some test fights and has a major (deserved) role in The Tech. And as confirmed by his photo, Jeremiah can play guitar like no other.

Hiroshi Adachi, Karate practitioner of 650 years and instant master of every acrobatic move shown him.

SP Welcomes You All!!

Amberly Steffensen

Dave Yoo

Erika Balasabas

Jeremiah Esses

Hiroshi Adachi

The new Stunt People Forum has just gone live. Here’s the low-down:

Youtube and Vimeo embedding. (will take requests to embed from other hosts, requires coding but I can manage)
NO ADS! It’s free, ad-less, and administrators have far greater control over content and user moderation. That means that it’ll be easier to keep the bots out.
Full customization. Expect to see some graphical enhancements in the layout. I’m always taking requests!
More portable. All data is stored on the SP Server and backed up on a regular basis. Should we choose to migrate forums again, it’ll be much easier than ever before.

So sign up at the new forum and, if you’re new to the SP indie film community, introduce yourself, what you do, your favorite ride Disneyland, or whatever. Filmmakers, action movie fans, or anyone generally interested are all welcome!

I’m working on the first steps today to get something going by creating a crew page for us as well as a couple bio and film pages. If anyone has a better suggestion for ways to organize this thing, then I’m all for it. Here are some thoughts I had for the future:

– Having an up-to-date database on all action crews from around the world, with cross-membership for various people if applicable

– Editors of the wiki scrutinizing all content so that random martial art clips that aren’t associated with the action film market will be removed

– A “fight network” of some kind where we could have, say, “Six degrees of separation between PERSON A and PERSON Z” by showing who PERSON A has fought, who that person’s fought, etc. all the way until someone’s fought PERSON Z. That’s ambitious, but damn it’d be cool.

– All info on past action crews, like those guys from Greece back in 2000

Any further ideas? Thoughts about rules and regulations? Post em here or just try them at the wiki and we’ll see what happens.

But most importantly, spread the word! This is the time to start connecting everything we’ve all ever done into something concise and open-source.