The New Forum Is Live!

The new Stunt People Forum has just gone live. Here’s the low-down:

Youtube and Vimeo embedding. (will take requests to embed from other hosts, requires coding but I can manage)
NO ADS! It’s free, ad-less, and administrators have far greater control over content and user moderation. That means that it’ll be easier to keep the bots out.
Full customization. Expect to see some graphical enhancements in the layout. I’m always taking requests!
More portable. All data is stored on the SP Server and backed up on a regular basis. Should we choose to migrate forums again, it’ll be much easier than ever before.

So sign up at the new forum and, if you’re new to the SP indie film community, introduce yourself, what you do, your favorite ride Disneyland, or whatever. Filmmakers, action movie fans, or anyone generally interested are all welcome!