New Bios!

The Stunt People welcome five new and not-so-new members:

Amberly Steffensen (previously Amberly Bell, now married to Chelsea), who’s been with us since 2003. We finally offered her a place on our bios page, jumped her, and now she’s official. Amberly’s been a vital part of every project that’s taken place in Redding.

Dave Yoo and Erika Balasabas, wushu extraordinaires who’ve been working with SP for over a year now. Not only do they offer exceptional martial arts but they both have awesome hair.

Jeremiah Esses, Kung Fu San Soo teacher who worked with Chelsea on some test fights and has a major (deserved) role in The Tech. And as confirmed by his photo, Jeremiah can play guitar like no other.

Hiroshi Adachi, Karate practitioner of 650 years and instant master of every acrobatic move shown him.

SP Welcomes You All!!

Amberly Steffensen

Dave Yoo

Erika Balasabas

Jeremiah Esses

Hiroshi Adachi