Action Kickback site up and running

Action Kickback logoI’ve launched a new website for the Action Kickback movement to bring attention to the independent action teams that have sprung up over the past decade. They are, in my opinion, giving high-budget studio action films a run for their money. But as independent action filmmakers, we’re up against huge odds. Hollywood spends millions of dollars for every dollar we spend on our budgets, so we have to innovate to stay in the game.

Hence the Action Kickback model. The Action Kickback model allows independent action filmmakers to work around the top-heavy studio system and develop competitive action titles that can hold their own in the marketplace. The key components of the model are:

  • Story – The story engages the audience and is the nucleus of the film. Action scenes without story are inconsequential.
  • Action – While the action must serve the story, it ultimately represents the action film. Vertical integration through a single production unit can align the action with the story, which is easier on a smaller, independent scale.
  • Business – Making a film these days can cost peanuts, but a marketable action film is the most expensive type of film one can produce. A solid business plan is a must.
  • Demand – Action films are in demand worldwide. If you have a good action film, you have a market.

I’ll keep updating the site with resources. Subscribe, comment, etc 🙂