Post your crew, films, bios, and videos at the SP Wiki

I’m working on the first steps today to get something going by creating a crew page for us as well as a couple bio and film pages. If anyone has a better suggestion for ways to organize this thing, then I’m all for it. Here are some thoughts I had for the future:

– Having an up-to-date database on all action crews from around the world, with cross-membership for various people if applicable

– Editors of the wiki scrutinizing all content so that random martial art clips that aren’t associated with the action film market will be removed

– A “fight network” of some kind where we could have, say, “Six degrees of separation between PERSON A and PERSON Z” by showing who PERSON A has fought, who that person’s fought, etc. all the way until someone’s fought PERSON Z. That’s ambitious, but damn it’d be cool.

– All info on past action crews, like those guys from Greece back in 2000

Any further ideas? Thoughts about rules and regulations? Post em here or just try them at the wiki and we’ll see what happens.

But most importantly, spread the word! This is the time to start connecting everything we’ve all ever done into something concise and open-source.