Amazing Filmmaking Gadgets Being Made on Kickstarter

These are just awesome. If you’re a filmmaker on a budget but want to achieve some slick camera angles, check out these kickstarter projects, which are looking for funds to complete their projects, and will reward donors with the equipment after the projects are complete. – A steal. I had no idea how valuable a jib would be until we shot Death Grip, and we ended up using it for almost everything. Think of it like a tripod that’s more flexible, with the option of moving it while rolling camera. – Cool for events and sports. I could imagine an Eric the Redneck Guide to Sports episode. – Critically needed, as many filmmakers who rely on the focus rings on their DSLR cameras tend shift focus, move past the focal point, and then dial back. Better focus is a better viewing experience, that is, if you want people to follow what you’re shooting.

There are more, too. If you find more, put em in the comments. I’m half-tempted to buy into all these myself! Maybe once I’m out of credit card debt.