Shaun Finney’s back in action with the latest film from the makers of Sock Baby, The Danger Element.

Doctor Trevor Elymas (Doug Jones) is only one step away from completing a diabolical plan. Battle Jitni (John Soares), member of a secret order of vigilantes, must wrench The Danger Element from Doctor Elymas’ grasp before it can be stabilized and installed in his machine.

Shaun and Soares go at it around the 6:55 mark.

Set in the last months of 1985, adventurer/treasure hunter Chupiko Torres and his arch nemesis professor Richard Dick, embark on a mission to find the legendary Audio Map, which leads to an analog tape of immeasurable power and value. Along the way they meet the beautiful and conniving Dr. Molly Spine phd, and the Karate Boys. Action, adventure, and comedy ensue…

“Quest..” marks the first time the Karate Boys were introduced, and later were to become known for their parts in “The Winds of Time” series.”

The Quest for the Audio Map from Jose Montesinos on Vimeo.

Jose Montesinos’ Curse of the Analogue Tape is a “throw-back to 80’s adventure movies. The year is 1987, and adventurer/treasure hunter Chupiko Torres discovers a mysterious audio cassette tape buried in the rubble of an old building. His arch nemesis Richard Dick battles him for ownership of the wretched tape, which supposedly has evil, supernatural origins…”

In the spirit of Indiana Jones, Montesinos delivers another crazy adventure flick. Enjoy!

The Curse of the Analogue Tape from Jose Montesinos on Vimeo.