Stu Maschwitz has uploaded our latest collaboration, Chapter 12: After the Subway. (For HD click here).
Chapter 12: After the Subway from Stu Maschwitz on Vimeo.
From Stu’s blog: “As seen this morning on my NAB panel. My contribution to the emerging Subway Short genre of camera tests, with a twist – what happens after all the furtive subway hopping and phone dialing?”

Fight choreography and performance by The Stunt People

Shot on the Canon 5D Mark II using the kit lens and a modified DSLR rig from Redrock Micro:

Directed, Shot and Colored by Stu Maschwitz
Edited by Gregory Nussbaum
Music by Terence Jay
Sound Design by Peter Lang

Canon 5D Mark II provided by Vincent Laforet

Jose Montesinos’ Curse of the Analogue Tape is a “throw-back to 80’s adventure movies. The year is 1987, and adventurer/treasure hunter Chupiko Torres discovers a mysterious audio cassette tape buried in the rubble of an old building. His arch nemesis Richard Dick battles him for ownership of the wretched tape, which supposedly has evil, supernatural origins…”

In the spirit of Indiana Jones, Montesinos delivers another crazy adventure flick. Enjoy!

The Curse of the Analogue Tape from Jose Montesinos on Vimeo.

Holy cwap! While Shaun and I were browsing Reel Video in Berkeley, I was looking through their martial arts films, no sign of Contour. Nothing in the ‘local filmmakers’ section even. Then I went to the new release section, and they had not one, but five copies of Contour. Fortunately Shaun had his camera phone, because we were POSITIVE that if we left to get a camera and came back they’d all be rented out, and a photo we would not have.