On Pete’s World of Martial Arts and Science, Pete visits a martial arts school where the master does a different type of Karate. Grandmaster Okuma demonstrates his ki power by throwing his students without even touching them. Intentionally made so it looks like it was recorded off an old VHS.

Pete Lee
Lucas Okuma
Eric Jacobus
Shaun Finney
Alex Ng
Dave Yoo

Stacie Rashel

Eric Jacobus

Set in the last months of 1985, adventurer/treasure hunter Chupiko Torres and his arch nemesis professor Richard Dick, embark on a mission to find the legendary Audio Map, which leads to an analog tape of immeasurable power and value. Along the way they meet the beautiful and conniving Dr. Molly Spine phd, and the Karate Boys. Action, adventure, and comedy ensue…

“Quest..” marks the first time the Karate Boys were introduced, and later were to become known for their parts in “The Winds of Time” series.”

The Quest for the Audio Map from Jose Montesinos on Vimeo.