Weekly Indie Round-up for December 7

This week there was a good lineup from Lazy brown, Lunar Stunts, the Beat Down Boogie team, and HMC Indie.

A nice sampler fight reel Boogie Woogie Feng Shui No. 5 posted by Lazy Brown Stunts

Eric Nguyen from Lunar Stunts, who worked on Rise And Fail, released his trailer for Secret Asian Men.

Micah Moore and the Beat Down Boogie team and the mind behind Dogs of Chinatown, released another video in their long lineup of Modern Warfare-style films, Modern Warfare 3 Starring Ghost. The guys have been making lots of headway in the first-person shooter fanfilm world, so expect lots of good gunplay, hot chicks and some humor to boot.

HCM Indie released their amazing commercial Safety First. Hats off to the group for their explosive endeavor.

And a blast from the past, and one of my favorite indies of all time, Madman’s Resurrection. It’s only available as a wmv file from the Young Masters’ site: