Blink and you miss the action: The Tech by The Stunt People

Back in 2007 Chelsea Steffensen (“Michael” from Rise And Fail) did a 24 minute action comedy starring himself, SP veterans Nathaniel Pierson and Gavin Merrick, and Rise And Fail’s “Mark” Nathan Hoskins that went under the radar. If quirky humor is your thing then you’ll get some laughs out of it.

The final fight scene is one of the best in SP history, where Chelsea, Nathanial, and I go 1-on-1-on-1. The others are great too. Here are the key moments if you don’t wanna sit through the whole thing:

4:30 Chelsea fights Nathaniel, Gavin, and Jeremiah
7:30 Eric as Uncle Dean, the homeless badass, vs. Jeremiah
12:00 Chelsea vs. Jeremiah in closed space: 12:00
15:00 Finale