Beat Down Boogie – Teaser Shoot – Day 2

Day 2 – Saturday – November 15, 2008
I started the day off by being dropped off at Micah’s place before any of them woke up. Showered, ate, and a bunch of folks arrived to shoot the big scenes for the day. We packed up and went over to a legal office building where Matt Sumner (from the restaurant fight in “Dogs of Chinatown”) and I had a comedic fight scene involving some decent stunts and a lot of powder… or ‘joint compound’ as the bucket described.

Manny and Shawn had their scenes with the girls and a few of the guys, including Brian Lee (Wei from “Dogs”), and they did some brutal Korean-style fighting upstairs.

End of the day, we all went to Andrew’s art studio and did a little more chaos fighting followed by some acting. Everyone went to Micah’s afterward and ate, and we called it a day.