Check out the trailer for Hiroshi Adachi's directorial debut "Detective Story", starring Adachi and Eric Jacobus. The film is still in production, and as of now Adachi plans to release it online once complete. Planned running time is roughly 45 minutes. from Hiroshi Adachi on Vimeo.

... albeit... satirical publicity.I love it. I haven't had anyone rag on me since The Official Eric Jacobus Thread at the forum. It reminds me of the days in 2001 when we'd get daily emails from disgruntled viewers who would opine that we were "ruining the action film industry" and that we should "go die," [...]

"Owned is a crime drama about not being able to escape one's past, or one's past debts." The film stars Stunt People members Dennis Ruel and Troy Carbonel and features Stacie Rashel, with Ray Carbonel and Ed Kahana working behind the scenes. The film is currently in post production."OWNED" trailer from Jose Montesinos on [...]