What People Are Saying About "Dogs of Chinatown"

“Dogs of Chinatown” producer Blake Faucette sent me this email today. It’s a list of short reviews from various important folks, all of whom seem to like “Dogs.” Rad.

Hey Everyone,
Here’s a few recent quotes we got about Dogs Of Chinatown. There’s been a lot of positive response to the film and we are very appreciative of the following people for taking the time to give us some kind words that will help us promote the film.

Steve Wang, Director “DRIVE”: “Dogs of Chinatown is visually kinetic, full of fun action sequences and has a compelling story to boot!”

Impact Magazine: “not only delivers top notch action but takes the independent action film to new and successful stylistic heights…bursting with style, creativity and kick ass action”

HK Flix: The Stunt People’s Eric Jacobus is given an opportunity to stretch his acting legs in “Dogs Of Chinatown”, which is his best performance to date. Director Micah Moore’s visuals give The Stunt People their best-yet backdrop to kick some serious ass. All in all, a visually-pleasing crime-thriller with fight scenes to rival some of Hollywood’s best.

Quiet Earth: Dogs Of Chinatown is a great, fast-paced gangster flick which leaves no time to dwell on any philosophical or moral ramifications, it just gets right to the ass-kicking point.

Kung Fu Cinema: Director Micah Moore displays traces of filmmakers like Wong Kar-wai, Tsui Hark and Corey Yuen. The Hong Kong influence is strong with this one. Speaking of the Hong Kong influence, the action of Eric Jacobus and Ray Carbonel is first-rate. The level of their screen fighting is superior to Hollywood standards and favorably comparable to Hong Kong’s best standards. Dogs Of Chinatown displays a level of unapologetic audacity, visual panache and ass-kickery rarely seen outside of Asian action cinema.

Justin Richards (PhantasmaGoria film festival organiser): A ballsy love story, Dogs Of Chinatown should win over both fans of high-octane, high- kicking Hong-Kong style action films and those after something with perhaps a little more emotional substance.

Dogs Of Chinatown hits AFM Film Market starting November 5th with our good friends from Fantastic Films International. Hopefully they will do good business with it and Dogs can start hitting retail stores in 2009.

Thanks for all the support and we’ll update you soon,

Blake Faucette
Micah Moore
Andy Coon