Color: 98% – Finish on Friday.
Sound: 95% – Finish next week.
Music: Done.

Behind the scenes featurette: 40%. Finish by June 13th. This is taking the bulk of my time right now.
DVD and BD authoring: 10% (art only). Finish by June 15th.
Commentary: 0%, but will only take a total of 4 hours. I’d like to do a more technical track with Rebecca while Drew is in town, and the track with my mom should be done in 10 days or so. I promise it will be hilarious.
Other special features: 90%. Just need to tweak the outtakes and export some deleted scenes. Original compound scene should be a nice feature, since it’s a big action scene that’s completely different from the final version. Plus there’s the extra fight with Johnny Yong Bosch that’s not in the final film.

There’s a chance the Blu-Ray version will have fewer features since it’s going to be single-layer, with the upside being it’ll have a gorgeous print of Death Grip. I’ll favor image quality over special features for that version. If you’re a special features junkie, the dual-layer DVD will be a good option. Or you can buy both!

I’ve been knee-deep in editing the Death Grip making-of video. Like the Tour of Contour video, I opted for talking heads-style interviews with cutaways to behind-the-scenes video and film footage.

While shooting Death Grip I had at least one extra video camera on hand, one that was easy to use. We used a Flip Video camera, Flip HD, whoever’s DSLR we had that day, even crappy cell phone cameras. Some days Alex Ng would do very intense behind-the-scenes shooting, but when he wasn’t there I would just entrust someone with the extra camera to shoot stuff. We’ve done all the talking heads interviews, including one with J.J. Perry, so what I’ve got is something like 40 hours of footage. So I’m basically editing another feature-length film!

The first edit is going to be long, probably on the order of 3 hours in length, and I’ll pare it down to an hour or so. Then I’ll do some pop-up-video-style titles, overlay tons of behind the scenes and film footage, and package the thing up in time to get the DVD and BD authored, sent to press, and ready to sell by the June 30th premiere. The next month is going to be insane. Maybe I’ll take an actual vacation after that.

Here are a couple BTS videos I exported last night while taking a break from editing. That’s right, I consider exporting and uploading videos a “break”.

Painting the “Lair”, Benny Hill-style.

A stuntman is always a stuntman, even in his sleep.

The SP Store is now open!

Dogs of Chinatown and Detective Story are available for sale. Dogs is $15, Detective Story is $12, and older SP titles are discounted. Enjoy the titles and don’t forget to leave feedback in our message board!

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Dogs of Chinatown
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Detective Story

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The best part: all your dollars go straight into The Stunt People bank account, which funds future projects and has supposedly paid a medical bill or two. Click the link below to go to our store!

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I was just over at IMDB and noticed that in the past month Contour‘s rating has jumped 3 stars. Not only that, but IMDB has removed many of the low scores it received (14 or so 1’s and 2’s), making me think that the low scores may have been from the same person or website. Now it’s at a glorious 7.6.

Thank you IMDB for fixing the score, and thank you viewers for making the score happen. If you’ve seen “Contour” and haven’t left a rating yet, we hope you’ll check out the Contour IMDB Page and leave a few stars for us too.

When we finished Contour two years ago and bought the rights from then-distributors Arrogant Films, we didn’t know what we were going to do with it. “Sell it online” I said, and we did that, then we sold it at conventions. We sold a thousand copies of the movie in 2007, and at the end of that year a small distribution company called Indican took interest in our feature, and they bought it, and they’re releasing it in stores, online and off, on March 25, 2008.

Hence, we don’t have any of the original version for sale now. But don’t worry, the Indican release will be practically identical… except for this kickass cover they designed. Done by the same gentleman who did the Kung Fu Hustle cover.

contour_dvd_indican.jpg kungfuhustle_comparison.jpg

We’ll have these new DVDs available in March, but stop by our booth at Wondercon and we’ll have them there too. With Immortal… and some new-style shirts.

Nick Murphy is a long-time friend and director of the Tomb Raider fan-film Tears of the Dragon. He also heads up Spoon Pictures. See?


As a guerilla filmmaker, Nick’s been known to take some big risks, and one of those risks will be interviewing Eric (me, that’s… me) on Friday LIVE on the internet. The best part: you can all call in and ask me questions about any of the six things I know (3 of them being Undercut, Contour, and Dogs of Chinatown, and the other 3 relating to food), or you can just make fun of me and bring up incriminating stories from the past.

Whatever it is, if you’re reading this, I probably know you and I’d love to hear you call in or chat. Here’s all the info you need:
Sign up and you can chat during the interview as well
Friday, Feb 15 @ 8pm

Call-in phone # is 1-818-572-9021
Enter code 268661 (Follow Instructions)

And if you ever get the chance, check out Tears of the Dragon. Andy Leung and I have a fight in there somewhere. Keith Carter from Contour also has a large role.

On location for Tears of the Dragon