The new face of Contour

When we finished Contour two years ago and bought the rights from then-distributors Arrogant Films, we didn’t know what we were going to do with it. “Sell it online” I said, and we did that, then we sold it at conventions. We sold a thousand copies of the movie in 2007, and at the end of that year a small distribution company called Indican took interest in our feature, and they bought it, and they’re releasing it in stores, online and off, on March 25, 2008.

Hence, we don’t have any of the original version for sale now. But don’t worry, the Indican release will be practically identical… except for this kickass cover they designed. Done by the same gentleman who did the Kung Fu Hustle cover.

contour_dvd_indican.jpg kungfuhustle_comparison.jpg

We’ll have these new DVDs available in March, but stop by our booth at Wondercon and we’ll have them there too. With Immortal… and some new-style shirts.