Eric Jacobus on Live Internet Radio (taking call-ins)

Nick Murphy is a long-time friend and director of the Tomb Raider fan-film Tears of the Dragon. He also heads up Spoon Pictures. See?


As a guerilla filmmaker, Nick’s been known to take some big risks, and one of those risks will be interviewing Eric (me, that’s… me) on Friday LIVE on the internet. The best part: you can all call in and ask me questions about any of the six things I know (3 of them being Undercut, Contour, and Dogs of Chinatown, and the other 3 relating to food), or you can just make fun of me and bring up incriminating stories from the past.

Whatever it is, if you’re reading this, I probably know you and I’d love to hear you call in or chat. Here’s all the info you need:
Sign up and you can chat during the interview as well
Friday, Feb 15 @ 8pm

Call-in phone # is 1-818-572-9021
Enter code 268661 (Follow Instructions)

And if you ever get the chance, check out Tears of the Dragon. Andy Leung and I have a fight in there somewhere. Keith Carter from Contour also has a large role.

On location for Tears of the Dragon