Donnie Yen took a flight to New York very recently because he was invited to attend the yearly New York Asian Film Festival as a special guest for special showings of the 1993 kung fu action classic Iron Monkey as well as his recent hits SPL (aka Kill Zone), The Lost Bladesman and Wu Xia [...]

Things looks to have been neutralized as both Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao are very busy doing promotion and shooting their respective projects - Donnie currently shooting a romance film titled Together starring Bosco Lam and Michelle Chan and Vincent promoting the upcoming kung fu drama Wu Dang. Last that happened was that Mainland director [...]

Not too long ago, a trailer for the upcoming car chasing film Motorway was released. It created quite a buzz in the action film community for its' incredible car chases and vehicle stunts. Now, another new trailer have been released showing new intense footage of what we can expect! Motorway is produced by Johnnie To; [...]