Special Identity – Update on the Yen/Zhao scandal

Things looks to have been neutralized as both Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao are very busy doing promotion and shooting their respective projects – Donnie currently shooting a romance film titled Together starring Bosco Lam and Michelle Chan and Vincent promoting the upcoming kung fu drama Wu Dang. Last that happened was that Mainland director Tan Bing came out on April 6 and spoke out about Donnie’s unfaithful work ethics and arrogant behavior which further caused heat between the Yen and Zhao camps. Neither Donnie nor the production team have responded to Bing’s actions.

Despite this, there have been lots of news reports and press conferences concerning the scandal that I’ve missed out due to limited resources (such as lack of people transcribing and translating information in Chinese, and getting translations that are too sloppy to understand). One of these news reports is one covering events during the filming process through the eyes and experiences of Mainland actor Hung Bao – who was in the original cast of Special Identity playing Vincent Zhao’s main henchman (check out my earlier post here: http://ericjacobus.com/2012/04/19/special-identity-more-trouble-stills-of-vincent-zhaos-intended-role/).

However, it’s not the case of another actor pointing all fingers on Donnie to blame for the problems that arose during shooting. Hung Bao clarifies rumors on Vincent acting arrogant and being accompanied by an entourage, how things were when Vincent was around the set and how it was working with him, working relations with him and Donnie, dispute between two drivers on the set (which led to the murder of one of them), and reveals that there was someone that was a big influence on and eventually was the reason for the script changes (although it was not mentioned) and that this fact came from a person (a friend of Hung Bao and also someone not mentioned) who was involved in the film crew.