Motorway – New trailer

Not too long ago, a trailer for the upcoming car chasing film Motorway was released. It created quite a buzz in the action film community for its’ incredible car chases and vehicle stunts. Now, another new trailer have been released showing new intense footage of what we can expect!

Motorway is produced by Johnnie To; directed by Soi Cheang and stars Shawn Yue; Anthony Wong; Guo Xiao-Dong; Michelle Ye; Gordon Lam; and Barbie Hsu. The story will center around a rookie cop (Shawn Yue) who gets mentored by a car chasing coach (Anthony Wong) to stop crime activities on the roads of Hong Kong without attracting attention. But soon, the rookie cop takes up his biggest challenge when a veteran criminal (Guo Xiao-Dong) shows up making on the roads causing trouble and escaping from the cops.

While the trailers are creating buzz at the moment, comparisons to other car chasing film have been made in terms of film atmosphere and look – especially Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive. But something to have in mind is that, despite the comparisons, the two films have nothing in common as Drive is based on a book whereas Motorway has a completely different script. Plus the concept for Motorway was conceived several months before going into production at the end of 2009 – and have taken three years to complete altogether (due to production halts and Cheang committing his time directing Donnie Yen in the forthcoming The Monkey King) – while Drive started production almost a year after and was wrapped shooting earlier. Anyways, check the trailer out.