Zhao Wen Zhou ditches Special Identity shoot

Apparently some changes to Special Identity aren’t to Zhao Wen Zhou’s satisfaction. Dip quotes at the forum:

Terrible news just broke out today. Vincent Zhao has left the set because he’s dissatisfied with the changed script and director. What I could make out using Google Translate is that the crew only had time to shoot a few scenes before Zhao suddenly took off without notifying anyone. This had lead to the production company issuing a legal letter and Zhao himself refusing to return onboard unless they change the script to its’ original form.

The film is actually what was originally going to be The Ultimate Codebreak (that action heist film produced by Jackie) with Tan Bing directing and James Yuen (The Warlords, Bodyguards & Assassins) handling writing duties. Zhao thought the role in the original script he was offered was remarkable and expressed huge interest in working with Donnie. But once Clarence Fok came onboard everything changed and Zhao felt his part in the redone script was no longer as brilliant as Donnie’s and also feels disgusted by the way film companies treat certain actors. As of now, shooting has been suspended as Donnie is trying to contact Zhao (who apparently is not agreeing on discussing the matter) to resolve things.

You can read a translated version of the article here. Let’s hope it gets back on track.