A long overdue Indie Action Round-up – Leap year edition

Since I’ve put this off for so long, and so much has been happening in the indie world, I thought I’d put some extra effort into this week’s indie action round-up. Tons of great material, none of which should be missed.

Our friend Manu Lanzi from the Green Hornet short brings us some Bourne-style, only better – Hard Fight

Vlad Rimburg pits two girls against each other in a way only Vlad can do – Part 1 Chapter C

Flashpoint-style fight by EMC Revolution

Equilibrium fan film using Gun Kata

Despite my thoroughly filleting of it this Knife fight is still pretty cool, with great technique and some good visceral moments

Swashbuckling fight by Leo Kei Angelos. It’s only a matter of time before your stuff goes to the big screen, Leo.

Where’s Waldo from the Beat Down Boogie team and Emmanuel Manzanares from Lazy Brown