Indie Action Weekly Roundup – Noir Style – Week of Jan 4, 2012

Lots of juicy stuff this week with a pretty dark vibe. The big one is a feature-film release by Leeroy Nguyen called Silverback. It’s unsuitable for viewers under 17, which means it’s good. Leeroy’s known for his Flashpoint-style mix of boxing and grappling with a noir feel. His stuff is always solid. Hats off to you Leeroy for finishing your feature project and above all else giving it to the world free of charge. Check it out at:

The action noir Those Who Go To Hell Episode 1 is now online, with more episodes coming in the next few weeks. I’ll post em regularly.

Here’s a tribute to the Crows Zero series called Crows Zero 3 クローズZ3RO – Bloody High School Rumble, featuring Xin and Shaun Charney. Good hate, captures the Crows Zero feel quite well.

Of a lighter fare is Bike Cop – Trouble at Kataranga Heights, featuring a mustached bike cop who dishes out justice on some punks.

Lastly, we shot with Eric Lim last weekend, and one of his previous projects Greenside is available in its entirety online. Plenty of great gunfights and hand-to-hand action. The full film is free to watch here, or if you wanna get a taste of the action, check the video below: