We’re upgrading our Stunt People internets, and what I learned after 11 years of self-hosting

In the coming weeks I’m going to subject the SP site, SP Blog, Forum, Wiki, Rise And Fail site, and two new websites to an overhaul. As the first part of the redesign I’m going to import blog posts from the Stunt People blog into this blog. I’m hoping I can back-date most of these posts since they’re not very relevant, though I’ll repost some as new entries. There might be some bugs due to the transfer, but since I’m going WordPress to WordPress, it should be fairly clean.

All this has taught me not to host Stunt People-related blogs, forums, or wikis on my own server anymore. The security required is just too labor-intensive. We’ve had multiple hacks from jerks, and these events are far less likely to occur when the php-intensive code of forums, blogs, and wikis is hosted on a server whose job it is to protect against these parasites. I’d love to stick with our own server, but since video, blog, forum, and wiki hosting are all free, secure, and (mostly) ad-free, there’s little incentive for this. It’s so 2005. Or 2001. Or 1997. My first job at 15 years old was coding PHP during the still-early internet stages, so I consider myself old-school. I still edit websites with notepad and I like customizing everything.

But this is far too time-intensive, and my time is better spent blogging, writing, shooting, editing, and maintaining the indie action community that we’ve built. Not coding. Thanks to the free market of the internet, the tools have developed so quickly and skyrocketed us all into hyper-productivity where all we have to do is provide the content, and the tools format it for the viewer. There’s no longer demand for strong formatting, only strong content. This is an overwhelmingly good thing, and I’m gonna get with it.

Thanks and keep commenting. 😀