Jose Montesinos in SF Weekly

Jose Montesinos, brains behind The Deadly Finger and The Winds of Time, was featured in an SF Weekly article regarding his Hell’s Kittens trailer. They had some great things to say, as well as posting a photo of Anne kicking me in the gut:

Jose Montesinos
This is exactly what DIY filmmaking should be: crude, odd, and rough, but easy to watch and funny. Jose Montesinos seems to have Robert Rodriguez‘ innate sense of nuts-and-bolts composition and sound, John Waters‘ egalitarian potty humor, and Russ Meyer‘s love of butt-kickin’ babes. Sharp editing means the pacing is right, and sharp editing is hard work. Montesino’s Hell’s Kittens, the boner-joke–spitting little sister of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, is currently our favorite piece, but his other work — a kung fu soap opera, for one — shows that he is reliably good at making movies.


Apologies to Jose for posting this so late. I told him I’d do it months ago and completely forgot.