The Fighting Spirit Film Festival (@FSFilmFestival) recently featured our film Blindsided alongside Scott Adkins' action-comedy Accident Man. One of the other huge highlights of the @FSFilmFestival this weekend was seeing #Blindsided by the exceptionally talented @EricJacobus on the Big Screen! Just love this short film so much! It’s even more awesome when watching on the Big Screen! 🎥 [...]

Dogs of Chinatown will be showing at the Phantasmagoria Film Festival on Sunday August 16, 2009. Tickets are £4.50 per film, £8 per Friday ticket, £20 per Saturday or Sunday ticket, and £35 per Weekend Ticket. More info: Office: Arts Centre Location: Devizes Road Swindon, United Kingdom DOGS Of CHINATOWN Official Trailer from [...]

Jose Montesinos, brains behind The Deadly Finger and The Winds of Time, was featured in an SF Weekly article regarding his Hell's Kittens trailer. They had some great things to say, as well as posting a photo of Anne kicking me in the gut: Jose Montesinos This is exactly what DIY filmmaking should be: crude, [...]