At a recent gym practice, we discovered the healing power of pads. After spending three hours competing to see who could wreck the biggest castle, dive through the smallest hole without disturbing a precarious stack of pads, and traverse the most column pads without falling on his face, we had enough footage to make a [...]

The Stunt PeopleFlips and Flops Stunt Training11/22/2008 Training - 11/22/2008 - The Stunt People from Eric Jacobus on Vimeo. This was almost entirely springboard-based, focusing on front tucks and front suicides, as well as some front 1 3/4 rollouts and some elevated HK spins.

On Thursday May 8, the Stunt People performed a small little demo for PG&E and their Asian Pacific Cultural Heritage Month kick-off. Too bad there wasn't much of an audience, and the stage was smaller than we anticipated (hahah, especially for my wushu set) but the crew had a lot of fun.

Just in case you missed it, the Stunt People film "Contour" was featured in Impact Magazine last year. We had a nice 2-page spread. Many thanks to Mike Leeder for his help in promoting "Contour"! Right click the image below and save as to download the full spread, or go to the Press/Reviews Page.