I’m making action filmmaking tutorials now for indie action filmmakers, martial artists, and stuntmen and stuntwomen, a series I’m calling “Indie Action Essentials”. The first skill I’m tackling is the Hong Kong spin, or the “HK”. The video includes all the steps plus what padding I recommend when doing the stunt on hard surfaces.

If you have any requests for tutorials you’d like, comment below or at the video’s YouTube page. I’m always listening!

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Our episode is on Dec 10 8:00 pm, Dec 11 12:00 am, Dec 14 9:00 am, and Dec 21 1:00 pm.

In October 2008 Ray Carbonel and I went out to Boston to shoot an episode of Time Warp called “Stuntmen.” They filmed us doing various stunts using the Phantom HD Camera, which puts everything into super-slow motion, giving the effect that its subjects are frozen in time. HK spins, falls through tables, fake bottles, squibs, and more are featured in our episode.

The schedule table for our show is below, and we’ll do our best to get the video posted here as soon as it airs for those who missed it.

From the Discovery Channel Site:

Welcome to Discovery Channel’s new series Time Warp, in which MIT scientist and teacher Jeff Lieberman uses new technologies to bring truly never-before-seen wonders into a form that your body can actually process.

Using the latest in high-speed photography, the Time Warp team takes some natural events (a cat licking its paw, a champagne bottle being opened) and some not-so-natural (a water balloon to the face, a raw piece of chicken exploding) and turns them into a thing of both beauty and learning.

At a recent gym practice, we discovered the healing power of pads. After spending three hours competing to see who could wreck the biggest castle, dive through the smallest hole without disturbing a precarious stack of pads, and traverse the most column pads without falling on his face, we had enough footage to make a kickass video for you.

Pad Crashers – The Stunt People from Eric Jacobus on Vimeo.

The Stunt People
Flips and Flops Stunt Training

Stunt Training – 11/22/2008 – The Stunt People from Eric Jacobus on Vimeo.

This was almost entirely springboard-based, focusing on front tucks and front suicides, as well as some front 1 3/4 rollouts and some elevated HK spins.

On Thursday May 8, the Stunt People performed a small little demo for PG&E and their Asian Pacific Cultural Heritage Month kick-off. Too bad there wasn’t much of an audience, and the stage was smaller than we anticipated (hahah, especially for my wushu set) but the crew had a lot of fun.

The best part? Going back to work wearing red silk pants and carrying a mop. Made for an interesting conversation with several sales managers in the elevator ride to the 5th floor. I mean, how do you explain that you just did a martial arts demo during your lunch break? Big thanks to the Stunt People crew and those that came out: Ray, Dennis, Lucas, Ricky, Eric, Matt, Brandon, Troy, and Gio!

Intro with Eric and Matt

Demo Action!

Ed’s Wushu Demo

Lucas Okuma’s Ken Zen Do Demonstration

Holy cwap! While Shaun and I were browsing Reel Video in Berkeley, I was looking through their martial arts films, no sign of Contour. Nothing in the ‘local filmmakers’ section even. Then I went to the new release section, and they had not one, but five copies of Contour. Fortunately Shaun had his camera phone, because we were POSITIVE that if we left to get a camera and came back they’d all be rented out, and a photo we would not have.