SP Live at PG&E

On Thursday May 8, the Stunt People performed a small little demo for PG&E and their Asian Pacific Cultural Heritage Month kick-off. Too bad there wasn’t much of an audience, and the stage was smaller than we anticipated (hahah, especially for my wushu set) but the crew had a lot of fun.

The best part? Going back to work wearing red silk pants and carrying a mop. Made for an interesting conversation with several sales managers in the elevator ride to the 5th floor. I mean, how do you explain that you just did a martial arts demo during your lunch break? Big thanks to the Stunt People crew and those that came out: Ray, Dennis, Lucas, Ricky, Eric, Matt, Brandon, Troy, and Gio!

Intro with Eric and Matt

Demo Action!

Ed’s Wushu Demo

Lucas Okuma’s Ken Zen Do Demonstration