“Juan Vicio” is a gritty, violent, noir-ish tale about a vice-ridden vigilante-for-hire who, in his own personal life, sabotages relationships and contemplates suicide. When a stranger comes to solicit his services, Juan ends up on a path that could very well give him what he wants…

Featuring powerful, yet non martial artist performances by Ray Carbonel and Dennis Ruel, and a brutal, bloody, realistic end fight scene, “Juan Vicio” is both a tale of morality and a horror story, a tragedy and an action film. Also starring Steven Yu and Troy Carbonel, and shot by the great Dariun Robinson with action photography by Stephen Reedy. Written and Directed by Jose Montesinos.

Juan Vicio from Jose Montesinos on Vimeo.

Micah explains that they’re finalizing the audio for Dogs of Chinatown right now, and soon after they’ll be making screener DVDs that a few lucky so-and-sos (ME!) will get to see. Micah passed this new trailer along, and let me assure you, “best one yet” doesn’t begin to describe this incarnation. The music is legit, the dubbing sounds amazing, and there’s even some new action in there, stuff I’ve never seen. Blablabla you’re probably already watching it, not listening to me up here. Don’t miss the new poster below, too.

DOGS of CHINATOWN new trailer from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

This (June 9th) was the last day Shawn and Manny would be around *sniff*. Ed took the guys out to San Fran Chinatown and Lombard while I enjoyed myself at work. At four they came back to my place and we blasted through our short in the back yard area for about 3 hours, exhausted ourselves in the sun, and finished. We went out to a diner and I took the guys to the airport at 5 A.M. They sent me a cut of the garage fight and it looked awesome. So if you ever get a chance to work with Lazy Brown Productions, jump at the chance. Those guys are goooood!
35mm Photographs by Ed Kahana

Today we set off to do the second day of shooting for “Those Who Go to Hell” and went out to the SF State parking garage at 4:30. We arrived, did some dialog, and started shooting the fight. Everything was going peachy until two RA’s showed up and wanted to kick us out. I flashed by student ID and told them we’d be out of there soon, and to just let us shoot the rest of the night and we wouldn’t be back. They approved, left, and we kept shooting… until they came back again, and they kicked us out for real. Now we’ll have to rely on our stealth skills to finish this thing up.

Some photos: