"Juan Vicio" is a gritty, violent, noir-ish tale about a vice-ridden vigilante-for-hire who, in his own personal life, sabotages relationships and contemplates suicide. When a stranger comes to solicit his services, Juan ends up on a path that could very well give him what he wants... Featuring powerful, yet non martial artist performances by Ray [...]

Micah explains that they're finalizing the audio for Dogs of Chinatown right now, and soon after they'll be making screener DVDs that a few lucky so-and-sos (ME!) will get to see. Micah passed this new trailer along, and let me assure you, "best one yet" doesn't begin to describe this incarnation. The music is legit, [...]

This (June 9th) was the last day Shawn and Manny would be around *sniff*. Ed took the guys out to San Fran Chinatown and Lombard while I enjoyed myself at work. At four they came back to my place and we blasted through our short in the back yard area for about 3 hours, exhausted [...]

Today we set off to do the second day of shooting for "Those Who Go to Hell" and went out to the SF State parking garage at 4:30. We arrived, did some dialog, and started shooting the fight. Everything was going peachy until two RA's showed up and wanted to kick us out. I flashed [...]