Lazy Brown invades Eric's house – Day 1 & 2

Shaun Bernal and Manny Manzanares of Chicago’s Lazy Brown Productions came out our way to the San Francisco Bay Area to work on their noir series “Those Who Go to Hell”. They came in on Thursday afternoon and made themselves at home at my place in Emeryville. Tony Chu of Zero Gravity came by later that evening to drop off some pads and a dolly I bought from him, thereby manifesting a trio of internet stunt groups all under the same roof!

Come morning, Pete helped us start doing a short. It’s a goofy one about 2 guys who end up robbing a prick.

That evening we went out to the SF State parking garage to start working on “Those Who Go to Hell”. I had come down with a headache earlier was causing me blind spots, and now it was just a full blown headache. I slept for 2 hours, woke up, and they were done with everything except one fighting shot from me. Afterward we went to In and Out, came back here, and I wrote this last word.