New Stunt People member Hiroshi Adachi has begun production on his latest action film tentatively titled “Detective Story”. Yuji (Adachi) and Paul (Jacobus) are two private dicks who take a case that pits them against the mafia and untold numbers of baddies. Adachi has recruited other members of The Stunt People to fill roles in the film.

To kick off the production, Adachi, Jacobus, JJ Johnson, David Yoo, and Sean Roche spent two days shooting the opening action scene. The first day (photos below) had everyone fighting in the house. The scene leads to a foot chase with Jacobus pursuing Roche, shot on Treasure Island during the second day. Roche and Jacobus spent the better part of six hours climbing fences, running on rooftops, and sprinting through Treasure Island’s empty streets. Day 2 photos coming soon.

From the Vimeo synopsis:

Shaun Finney of The Stunt People explains to casual viewers and budding action filmmakers alike what it takes to make your test fight sell. So Shaun is on location in NYC to show off its production value, but a Chinese kid from Jersey and some Mexican dude interrupt his filming. Wackiness ensues.

Shaun Finney of The Stunt People
Jon Truei of The Conquistadors
Emmanuel Manzanares of Lazy Brown Productions

Jon Truei
Emmanuel Manzanares
Shaun Finney

Fight Choreography
Shaun Finney
Emmanuel Manzanares
Jon Truei

Emmanuel Manzanares
Jon Truei

We got off to a late start Monday night getting down to San Diego for Comic Con, slept for a couple hours at Amberly’s dad’s place, loaded our booth stuff at the dock near the convention, waited for Freeman to deliver our booth stuff, it didn’t come, we left. Swam, Nathan took underwater photos and video, got a good night’s sleep after exploring the city, went back to CC to set up booth and did it in 40 minutes flat! Photos!

The new Stunt People Forum has just gone live. Here’s the low-down:

Youtube and Vimeo embedding. (will take requests to embed from other hosts, requires coding but I can manage)
NO ADS! It’s free, ad-less, and administrators have far greater control over content and user moderation. That means that it’ll be easier to keep the bots out.
Full customization. Expect to see some graphical enhancements in the layout. I’m always taking requests!
More portable. All data is stored on the SP Server and backed up on a regular basis. Should we choose to migrate forums again, it’ll be much easier than ever before.

So sign up at the new forum and, if you’re new to the SP indie film community, introduce yourself, what you do, your favorite ride Disneyland, or whatever. Filmmakers, action movie fans, or anyone generally interested are all welcome!

I’m honored to be one of the candidates for Breakout Action Star in this year’s Action on Film Festival, taking place July 24-31 in Pasadena, CA. Dogs of Chinatown’s been accepted to the fest, and it’s received four nominations. They are:

Breakout Action Star – Male – Feature
Best Sound Design – Feature
Best Fight Choreography – Feature
Action Film of the Year – Feature

Additionally, the film “Sexual Tension” which hired me and Ray Carbonel to do stuntwork has received nominations for Best Action Short, Best Comedy Scene, Best Comedy – Short, Best Spoof, and Best LGBT Project. SP’s got quite a bit of representation this year!

I’ll do my best to attend the awards ceremony, but given it’s during the same weekend as Comic-Con, it’s possible I won’t make it.

(Here are two photos of me from Dogs of Chinatown, taken maybe 2 weeks apart. One’s my cool action hero pose, the other is me holding a machine gun behind my head. Jokes aside, I figure if the one on the left is too much, the one on the right should cancel it out.)

eric_actionhero1 eric_actionhero2

phantasmagoria_posterDogs of Chinatown will be showing at the Phantasmagoria Film Festival on Sunday August 16, 2009. Tickets are £4.50 per film, £8 per Friday ticket, £20 per Saturday or Sunday ticket, and £35 per Weekend Ticket.

More info:
Office: Arts Centre
Location: Devizes Road
Swindon, United Kingdom
DOGS Of CHINATOWN Official Trailer from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

Dogs of Chinatown Screenings in San Francisco
Seating is limited to 200 per screening, so don’t wait, buy your tickets TODAY!
Screenings will be followed by a Q&A session hosted by the film’s stars, Eric Jacobus and Ray Carbonel.

Admission Price: $8
Running Time: 93 Minutes

Four Star Theatre
2200 Clement St.
(Cross street is 23rd Ave.)
San Francisco, CA 94121

Friday, March 20 @ 9:00pm
Friday, April 3 @ 9:00pm
Parking is limited so come early!

Where to Purchase:
Tickets may be purchased at The Stunt People Store or at the Four Star Theatre box office on the nights of the screenings (subject to availability). If neither option works for you, email Eric Jacobus and we’ll set you up.

Frequently asked questions:
Q: When will ‘Dogs of Chinatown’ be released on DVD?
A: None of us know right now, which is why this is an opportune time to see the film, on the big screen no less!

Q: Is this film appropriate for minors?
A: ‘Dogs of Chinatown’ features violence, profanity, and some upper-body female nudity. It hasn’t been rated by the MPAA, but ‘Dogs of Chinatown’ could qualify for an “R” rating. It is at the parents’ discretion to allow minors into the show.

Q: Where can I find more information about ‘Dogs of Chinatown’?
A: HK Flix has posted a Dogs of Chinatown Page with film info. Also, please visit the <a HREF="”>Dogs of Chinatown Home Page to receive first-hand information from the filmmakers themselves.

“Owned is a crime drama about not being able to escape one’s past, or one’s past debts.” The film stars Stunt People members Dennis Ruel and Troy Carbonel and features Stacie Rashel, with Ray Carbonel and Ed Kahana working behind the scenes. The film is currently in post production.
“OWNED” trailer from Jose Montesinos on Vimeo.

Zumbi of Zion I stars alongside Theresa Wondra in Pete Lee’s latest film, “This Close or This Far.” The film also features acting performances by Stunt People members Eric Jacobus, Stacie Rashel, Ed Kahana (who also produces), Brandon Daranouvongs, Shaun Finney, and newcomer Erika Balasabas.

“This Close or This Far” was shot on the Sony PMW-EX1 HD Camcorder. No release date is set yet for the final release, but feast your eyes on some screen caps in the meantime.