I breezed through Simon Baron-Cohen's Mindblindness and took away the following: His hypothesis is that Autistics lack a Theory of Mind Module (ToMM), which allows one to read the intentions of another person. He believes that Autistics do not exhibit shared attention (SAM), though he gives no clear indication as to whether this is a [...]

The current situation on Twitter, which I can only ascertain through the thick walls of my office ever since deactivating my account, indicates either that the savior of free speech has arrived, or the apocalypse is nigh. Whichever side of this discussion you fall on, you might agree that Musk has now grasped control of [...]

Part 1 of The Art of Violence series We hear this a lot: we humans are even worse than animals because we murder one another. That's a half-truth. It's true that animals don't murder one another, at least not very often, and humans do. The other half of the truth is that humans have created [...]