Eric Jacobus Returns to His Tekken Roots as Armor King

After a hiatus during which he changed studios and traveled the state working on various stunt projects, Eric Jacobus has released his latest Tekken IRL video. This time Jacobus dons the cat mask and performs the movelist for Armor King. After going back and forth between his favorite gym The Open Matt and his personal studio for 4 days, Jacobus held a live YouTube session where he edited Armor King’s movelist while answering questions from fans.

Jacobus posted a small description of the experience on his YouTube upload:

While he doesn’t have the huge array of throw combos King has, Armor King does have some throw chains along with some powerful kicks. He’s King Lite.

The decision to tackle Armor King’s movelist was made after poll results from the Raven IRL video showed a clear preference for Armor King over any other choices.

Tekken Raven poll 3.PNG

Jacobus posted a new poll for Armor King. While he prioritizes Lili’s movelist, he’ll consider the next poll’s highest rank as well. Additionally, Jacobus revealed in his Facebook live chats that he already has all the footage for Anna Williams’ movelist and only needs to edit it, which he plans to do live again.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to share it!