Commemorating Contour’s 10th Anniversary

The Stunt People are proud of their contribution to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. It’s 10 years of Contour! Go celebrate and hug your worst enemy. It ain’t so bad.

10 Years of Contour SF Postcard

We’ve also gotten a shipment of Contour and The Agent DVDs (one in the same, except the latter has no special features). These are special because they’re the last “Contour” DVDs in existence, and after these, you’ll only be able to see it as “The Agent”, which has no special features and is cut up by the distributor. It’s still cool, but… it ain’t exactly Contour.

2015-11-03 16.01.37

Eric regains the rights for the title in 2020 or so, and then he can re-release some kind of special DVD with a director’s cut, better coloring and encoding, etc., but until then, if you still want to get the special feature DVD with the yellow cover, hop over to The Stunt People Store and grab one! Grab two! Grab as many as your Christmas stockings can hold! And in case you wondering, all proceeds go directly to The Stunt People. We ship internationally! We’ll even ship to Uruvia.


Note: DVDs are Region 1.