Rope A Dope 2 gets a new poster and a release date

With editing completed, the team behind Rope A Dope 2 got together and decided not to make fans wait any longer. Rope A Dope 2 will release to the public on the 14th Anniversary of The Stunt PeopleJanuary 12, 2015. In just a couple weeks, you’ll be able to watch what Eric Jacobus, Clayton Barber, Pete Lee and the SP team have been up to for the majority of the last year. So get your gloves on because Rope A Dope 2 is right around the corner!

“Wildchild” Gil Sanabria also put together a new poster featuring Eric Jacobus and Dennis Ruel duking it out in the finale (photo by Andria Lo). True to his name, Gil’s new poster is definitely wild.

RADposter3 - 1800x

And just in case you missed it, make sure you check out the first Rope A Dope film.