Donnie Yen’s next goal: making more contemporary action films

After working on eleven period action films in a time period of just five years, Donnie Yen is ready to go back to what he does best and made his name: modern action films. Donnie – who is currently in New York to attend special showings of his films Iron Monkey, SPL, The Lost Bladesman and Wu Xia – was also present for interviews and Q&As and revealed this relieving news to fans.

Donnie also stated that not only will he be the lead actor in these future projects but he will also start to produce his own films through his production company Bullet Films – the company he formed when directing Legend of the Wolf and Ballistic Kiss in the late 1990s. In the meantime, there’s Donnie next film Special Identity (post-production has gone on for two months now) gearing up to be released later this year so stay tuned for more news and trailers for that one.