Motorway – the return of authentic and extreme vehicle stunts in Hong Kong films


Produced by film-making maestro Johnnie To (The Mission, PTUThrow Down, Exiled) and directed by Soi Cheang (Dog Bite Dog, Accident), Motorway is an upcoming car-chasing action film about a rookie cop (Shawn Yue) who takes on a veteran escape driver (Guo Xiao-Dong) on a death-defying final showdown on the roads of Hong Kong. Other cast members includes Anthony Wong, Gordon Lam, Barbie Hsu, Josie Ho, and Michelle Ye.

To make the action scenes as real as possible, the production team brought veteran action coordinator Chin Kar-Lok (former member of Sammo Hung’s stunt team) onboard to carefully plot and sync the film’s demanding car chases and car stunts. According to Soi Cheang, the story is similar to other car chasing films (ala The Fast & The Furious) but it will also feature elements found in traditional kung fu as well as Hong Kong gangster films in that an overconfident and low-ranked protagonist is determined to take on a high-ranked and professional antagonist. All these elements integrated into a setting taking place on the roads of Hong Kong! The film will premier in Hong Kong on June 21 followed by a Mainland Chinese release the day after. Check out trailers and more info on the film below.