Special Identity – More trouble & stills of Vincent Zhao’s intended role

It’s been a while now since Vincent Zhao’s accusations against Donnie Yen’s work ethics and attitude problem on the set of Special Identity, which sparked huge reactions within and outside the film shooting and led to responses from everywhere and ugly consequences. Since then, Donnie has been quiet about the issue and kept focusing on shooting the film with new cast additions Andy On and Collin Chou, and making occasional public appearances in between – most recently, the Hong Kong Film Awards (he was nominated for Best Action Choreography for his work on Wu Xia) – while Zhao himself seems to have forgotten about the issue and is doing good.

However, more trouble showed up on April 6 which further sparked heated reactions. Mainland director Tan Bing – the original director/script writer of Special Identity formerly developed as heist action film The Ultimate Codebreaker with Jackie Chan as the producer – held a press conference where he made several accusations against Donnie for his poor negotiation skills, work ethics and attitude on the set. Bing claimed Donnie stole Jackie Chan’s role as a producer and refused to shoot the film, which was the cause of Bing getting fired and Chan not heard from since. Bing also pointed out an addition of actor/singer Han Geng under Bing’s recommendation that was rejected. Han Geng’s manager denied the claim though as he had no idea and that Geng had a schedule conflict which prevented him from co-starring in the film. On a side-note, Bing even accused Donnie for being part of a committed murder involving two drivers and claimed the suspect was Donnie’s driver and the victim was Zhao’s driver. How this will turn out we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, the best bit of this post: Ever wonder what Zhao’s role would’ve been like in Special Identity? Here you go…






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