Some Death Grip Media Attention

Release of the official Death Grip trailer has brought us a bit of press! Here are some:

Close-action martial-arts kicking and punching, mostly by a single man against a bunch of guys in hooded robes. And what fighting it is!

We’ve long admired Jacobus and his teams work, featuring them in Impact various times over the years and it’s great to see the progression they’ve made with each and every project.

Judging from the trailer, Jacobus and company have improved their skills tenfold, and the fights look nothing short of spectacular..

Impossibly fierce, action-packed… Just don’t be surprised if you walk away with bruises all over your ocular cavities.

You can clearly see that a lot of time was put into the action, and it doesn’t look like they wasted a minute of it. All of the fights in the trailer look fast and frantic. I’m excited to see how far the Stunt People go to entertain us, and I’m sure the end result will be awesome!

talks about me *blushes*

The talented fighter directs, edits, writes and stars in what looks to be an insane action flick.

Thanks everyone who wrote about us. Be sure to check out the trailer if you haven’t already!