Iceman Cometh 3D – New Meets Original

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The project – which will be starring, action choreographed and directed by Donnie Yen himself and is a 3D remake of Clarence Fok’s 1989 classic sci-fi/fantasy action film The Iceman Cometh – was announced a few months ago and has since kicked off quite a huge interest within MA fan communities. Shooting of the project has been postponed though due to Donnie’s commitment to his upcoming and currently controversial (the feud between Donnie/production team and Vincent Zhao is still going) modern action film Special Identity. But promotional work has already started (more info here:

But the good news is that Donnie is going to team up (their first collaboration since the dire low-budget fare Circus Kids made in 1994)  with the original lead actor of the original film, none other than Yuen Biao (Jackie and Sammo’s younger Chinese Opera mate). This was announced by Stephen Shiu – the film’s producer – while being interviewed on upcoming film projects. No details have been given out yet but Shiu reveals that Biao will face Donnie in the film. My belief is that Biao will play one of the guards hunting down Donnie’s character. And that pretty much leaves a question mark on who will fill in the other role of the traitorous guard, played by Yuen Wah (older Chinese Opera mate of Sammo; Jackie and Biao) in the original. Anyhow, whether a Donnie vs Biao thing is great or too late it’s up to y’all to decide. Personally, I’m not all too excited since Biao is way past his prime. But if Sammo and Jackie can still manage to look good while aging, I don’t see why things should be any difficult for Biao. I will just wait and see how Donnie is going to use Biao’s skills under his direction, you never know what might come out of it. Read Stephen Shiu’s interview below.