Final Stages of Death Grip Post-Production – Picture Locking

The past three weeks of Death Grip post-production have involved locking the picture, meaning after this, no more edits will be made. When the first 13 minutes were locked, I sent it off to Brett Perry, who is composing an orchestrated soundtrack, and Matteo Grilli, who is doing sound design and mixing. Matteo worked with us previously on Hand Over Fist. The composer and sound designer work together on the overall sound of the film, and even though the two are separated by a continent and an entire ocean (Matteo’s in Italy, Brett’s in Southern California), Skype and other snazzy technology allow them to still collaborate, all while I keep oversight.

As the sound is being worked on, the image has its own process. Visual effects such as muzzle flashes and other overlays will be applied by Shaun Finney, who also did the vfx in Contour, titles by Joe Golling, who did the cover art, and not least of all the color toning and correction, which will be handled by Drew Daniels, the film’s cinematographer.

All the while, I continue locking picture, sending off finished chunks to the parties involved, in an attempt to finish everything by the end of April. I’ll keep you all up to speed on further updates as the film winds down… and as we start the next one.