Indie Action Weekly Round-Up – Hadouken Edition

The big news this week was the release of Street Fighter: The Devil Within by Thousand Pounds stunt team. This project was funded by Capcom at a budget of $25,000 to promote their latest game Street Fighter x Tekken. Thousand Pounds have made the very best of this budget. So we can officially declare that Thousand Pounds are living the dream, and here’s hoping they have more projects with bigger budgets in the future. The Devil Within stars action veterans Dan Southworth, Mark Musashi, and Reuben Langdon.

In a more bite-sized fashion, Ulrik Bruccholz released his sixth installment of his minimalistic, single-shot Beat’em Up series entitled Beat’em Up 6 – Lunch Time.

Micah Brock of Whirlwind Action is back at it with Slug Street Scrappers, pitting his trademark Muay Thai style against what other than a gymnast and a bunch of hooded thugs.

Eric Nguyen of Lunar stunts shows off his choreography and performing muscle against Camille Elizabeth in his latest Cinematic Fight. While short, Camille’s ability is undeniable.